Travel blogging during a pandemic

2020, Mar 24

At a time where non-essential travel is pretty much forbidden, I decided to start up a travel blog. It is the least helpful resource to be putting out in a worldwide economic and health crisis.

I offer no ways to make hand sanitizer, helpful tips to avoid the virus, or ideas to make money while self-isolating. This is not an asset for anybody right now.

But I'm doing it anyway because...if not now, when?

✅ Learning something new

I've always wanted to start one, but with the hours and energy spent commuting to work, I had no mental space for myself. Since working from home has now become the default, and I'm fortunate to have the option to do so, I've channeled all that time toward finally learning GatsbyJS and starting up a static blog without the bulkiness and hosting costs of Wordpress.

✅ Re-living my travel memories

After travelling, I would just download all my photos to external hard drives and leave them there. I finally have time to reminisce and reflect by writing content about my travels. I can finally package my memories into something potentially useful later on, once we're able to travel again.

yogyakarta borobudur 02

But above all, it brought me so much joy to look at all the places I visited. The memories make me feel like, "oh, I can't wait to see more of the world" and it keeps me hopeful and motivated to stay at home and ride this tumultous wave.

✅ Personal mental health solution

This blog isn't helpful to anyone right now, except for people's curiosities. This blog is for me – to learn modern web blogging practices and to reflect on "better days". Rehashing my travel memories gives me something to be hopeful for. It helps me to look forward to travelling again once we're able to. It helps me keep my mind off of the anxiety-inducing news. This is a solution to the problem of feeling helpless, hopeless, and profound sadness for our world by celebrating and sharing what it once was.

✅ Be good to yourself, first and foremost

yogyakarta indonesia greenhost boutique hotel room studio kita 03

There may be things you want to do that may feel frivilous or unneeded in a world crisis, but if they offer value and help to you, that's really all that matters. You may only be one person, serving themselves, but you are still a person. And you deserve to do whatever you feel is best for you. At this time, and at any time.

Have a gander at my posts covering Japan, New Zealand and Indonesia and look out for more in the coming weeks.