Norway – 10 Day Itinerary

10 day itinerary for Norway in May or spring time. Hiking, fjords, tours, nightlife, and more.

Norway – 10 Day Itinerary
At Rampestreken viewpoint in Åndalsnes, Norway

I visited Norway in 10 days which sounds like a lot of days, depending on who you tell, but I have to say it was NOT ENOUGH.

But! It was my first time in Norway so I didn't want to take the gamble of spending more than 10 days in a place that might (or will) empty my wallet dry.

Here is a high level view of my 10 day itinerary:

  • Oslo (day 1)
  • Bergen (day 2-4)
  • Oslo (day 5-6)
  • Andalsnes (day 7-8)
  • Oslo (day 9-10)

I'll do more detailed posts of each day, but here's a little more detail of each day:

Day 1: Oslo

  • Landed, went to my hotel, ate, slept, showered
  • Walked around Oslo to get my bearing, pick up toothpaste
  • Slept early because of my train trip the next day

Day 2: Oslo to Bergen

  • 6 hour train trip from Oslo to Bergen
  • Arrive in Bergen and check-in, get dinner
  • Explore Bergen on foot, then go to sleep

Day 3: Day tour from Bergen

  • Booked a day tour by Fjordrive (Nærøyfjorden tour)
  • Returned to same pick-up spot in Bergen
  • Ate dinner, went to sleep

Day 4: Bergen

  • Morning walk around Bergen
  • Ate lunch at Pingvinen
  • Afternoon went to Mount Fløyen (spent 3 hours up there)
  • Explored Bryggen, the old wharf of Bergen

Day 5: Train back to Oslo

  • 6 hour train back to Oslo
  • Evening: went to Blå concert venue for a show
  • Picked up late night food at Dronningens Kebab

Day 6: Oslo

  • Bicycle tour around Oslo with Viking Biking
  • Ate very expensive sushi
  • Went to a friend's house for Eurovision viewing party lol

Day 7: Åndalsnes

  • 4 hour train to Dombås, transfer at platform, 1.5 train to Åndalsnes
  • Lunch at Sødahlhuset
  • Go up the Romsdalen Gondola
  • Have a drink at the mountain top bar and soak in the views

Day 8: Åndalsnes

  • Hike up to Mount Nesaksla or take the gondola up again
  • Enjoy lunch at Eggen Restaurant (make reservations)
  • Hike down to Rampestreken
  • Did laundry, cooked dinner, and passed out (hiking is tiring for unseasoned hikers)

Day 9: Åndalsnes to Oslo

  • Same 1.5 hour train to Dombås, transfer at platform, 4 hours to Oslo
  • Celebrated May 17 at the Crow Bar with some friends

Day 10: Oslo

  • Explored same stops as the Viking Biking tour, but on foot
  • Jumped in the fjord after hanging out in the sauna

Day 11: Return to Toronto

  • Flew out of Oslo, layover in Frankfurt
  • Returned, sadhappy :')

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Stay tuned for more detailed posts on each day!