Mi-Pad Smart Hotel – Queenstown, New Zealand

A modern, compact smart hotel with an eco-conscious approach.

Mi-Pad Smart Hotel – Queenstown, New Zealand

The Mi-Pad Smart Hotel was the second hotel we stayed at while visiting Queenstown, New Zealand. Opened in 2018, we stayed in the Standard Room in February 2019. It had a modern atmosphere with smart touches and an eco-conscious operation model.

Bed view of Mi-Pad Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand


  • Smart design of each suite and floor
  • Self-serve laundry facilities that accept credit card payment
  • Comfortable common area with televisions and vending machines
  • Roof top lounge with beautiful views
  • Guests can bring in take-out food from nearby vendors to enjoy on the roof top
  • Eco-conscious lighting (turns off after no activity for a short period of time)
  • Mi-Pad Hotel is priced between hostels and established hotels (between $100-$250 CAD per night in peak season, depending on the room)
  • Ceiling lights were controllable via the Mia app
Standard Room view of Mi-Pad Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand


  • Room size can be quite small and hard to have two large suitcases open at the same time
  • Little to no dressers or storage to hang clothing, so you'll have to be comfortable with literally living out of a suitcase if you're staying at Mi-Pad Hotel for more than a few days

Final Thoughts

The Mi-Pad Hotel is an excellent option for both affordability and everything baseline that you need for a good night's sleep. It's perfect for couples, friends (there are twin bunk bed rooms!), and families. I would highly recommend it for those who can pack and live minimally as there is not a lot of space in each room.
If you're looking for a more luxurious and spacious option, check out my review of the QT Queenstown Hotel.