Iceland – Day 8: Bifröst and Whale Watching in Hauganes

Arctic Adventures Ring Road tour – whale watching in Hauganes, and Hotel Bifröst

Iceland – Day 8: Bifröst and Whale Watching in Hauganes

This trip took place in December 2021. This day was December 29, 2021.

Journey from Akureyri to Hauganes to Bifröst

I didn't want to leave Icelandair Hotel Akureyri. It was probably the best sleep I ever had on that trip because of that hotel.

Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, we were unable to see Godafoss, which was one of the stops that the Arctic Adventures Ring Road itinerary had planned. They do not guarantee all stops if it is dangerous to drive there.

Our tour guide and driver, Thor

We drove to Hauganes for Whale Watching, which I was surprised we could even do in December. I was not expecting it at all.

A whale breached a couple times but I was not on the right side of the ship to see it. A few people on the tour threw up. Everyone bunched up on one side of the ship causing it to tilt a bit on that side since everyone's weight was on that side.

Unfortunately because this is whale watching and not SeaWorld/MarineLand, I did not get any photos of whales coming up.

Gorgeous views of mountains everywhere

This day was a bit uneventful aside from the whale watching tour. Our hotel for the night was Hotel Bifröst ("beef rust"), which used to be university dorms.

Spooky concrete hallways of Hotel Bifröst

The next day was Day 9, and the last day of the Ring Road tour of my Iceland series. We saw some Icelandic horses! Stay tuned.