Asahi Beer Sky Room

Learn why Asahi Beer Sky Room is a phenomenal option for a cold beer and great view of Tokyo both day and night.

Asahi Beer Sky Room

The Asahi Beer Sky Room in Tokyo is a 3 minute walk from Asakusa Station. It's a great place to grab a cold beer and get a view of the Sumida-gawa neighbourhood of Tokyo. You'll get a real kick out of the building's design which looks like a foaming beer mug!

Asahi Beer Tower in Tokyo, Japan

Tips before visiting

The Asahi Beer Sky Room is inside the Asahi Headquarters which contain offices, so be aware that not everyone around you who visits are tourists.

Asahi Beer Headquarters reception, Tokyo, Japan

There are no tours or anything interactive. Once you enter, find the elevators and go to the Asahi Beer Sky Room. Upon exiting, there are escalators to go up to the Sky Room (not sure why there's not elevator directly to there).

Escalators down from Asahi Beer Sky Room, Tokyo, Japan

The Asahi Beer Sky Room opens daily at 10:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm. Night views are the best, so go after 6:00 pm.

Day time view from Asahi Beer Sky Room, Tokyo, Japan
View at night from Asahi Beer Sky Room, Tokyo, Japan

The best seats that overlook Tokyo are typically taken up by other tourists, and some sit around for hours even though it is frowned upon to linger long after finishing your drink.

Each visitor is required to purchase something (food or drink) before entering. Options include various Asahi beer, or simple snacks such as fried chicken, cakes, coffee, tea, wine, whisky, or cocktails.

The Asahi Beer Sky Room is designed with ceiling to floor windows which can make the area heat up. There may not be any air conditioning and can be stuffy. It might be better to visit on a cloudy day, at sunset, or at night.

Final Thoughts

Besides the sweeping panoramic views, the Asahi Beer Sky Room serves the classic lagers and limited edition Asahi brews that you wouldn't regularly find at your local liquor store in North America. Beer lovers and panoramic view lovers would enjoy the Asahi Beer Sky Room, especially at night.

Even the view from the restroom is pretty sweet:

View from the restroom at the Asahi Beer Sky Room, Tokyo, Japan

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